Cheers Queers: Never Have I Ever

Party Game

AVAILABLE ON (FREE) - No longer available on the App Store



Intention - Development

This is quite a simple app, but there were a couple of things I wanted to try. My friend is a programmer, and since I was an artist, we decided to try making something together. We didn’t want to make something too big, so we made this project to answer the question: can we own the pipeline ourselves?

So we created this. We thought that this would be an easy test to see if we as a team were able to create something simple from start to finish. And the core loop was done in a very short time, but then we eventually tumbled down the rabbit hole of in-app purchases and jumping through all the hoops in order to get something on the mobile market. But regardless, we got there, and I’m pretty proud that we saw it through.

The app itself is quite simplistic, but I didn’t want to make it easy. Even though this could’ve just been in 2D, I made an effort to model everything and then added animations to the cards. I believe it’s all the small things that add up to create an enjoyable experience.

Intention - Theme

In terms of the app itself, I think the value of it lies in the cards themselves. I was a bit tired of all the apps on the market being quite boring, like “never have I ever had a crush on (celebrity x)”, or a bit heteronormative like “never have I ever kissed someone of the same gender”. So I decided to up the ante on the cards. Not only can they be quite intensely sexual, such as “never have I ever had sex so loud sex that my neighbors complained”, but it also ranges to political such as “never have I ever written ‘all lives matter’ on social media”, things people don’t socially want to admit to “never have I ever masurbated while thinking of a friend’s partner” or quite dark ones as “never have I ever been afraid that I’ll have a lot of regrets on my deathbed”. The goal is to spark discussion, but also to normalize actions and thoughts that we’re told to be ashamed of.